Introducing 8 New Lite Flavors

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Our New Lite Flavors that Delight!   

We know it’s hard to eat just one bite, but with Yuengling’s Lite Ice Cream, now you don’t have to! With approximately 90 calories per serving, packed with protein and low in fat, Yuengling’s Lite Ice Cream delivers, without skimping on taste!

Made with only high-quality ingredients and Natural flavors, Yuengling’s Lite Ice Cream is PA Preferred and certified Kosher. By utilizing a patented nutrient delivery system, Yuengling’s Lite Ice Cream serves vitamins and amino acids without sacrificing the delicious taste you’re looking for.

Whether you are looking to refuel after a workout, are watching your weight, or have dietary restrictions, grab a spoon and indulge on great tasting ice cream that both your body and taste buds will enjoy!

New Traditions – Introducing Yuengling’s Lite Ice-Cream.

The Life Style Treat!

Gourmet Chocolate

A swirl of Belgian Chocolate and Salty Caramel Ice Cream.

Gourmet  Strawberry

Buttercream and Butterscotch Ice Cream with a Butterscoth swirl.

Cookies & Cream

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream with Cherry & Chocolate chunks.

Salted Caramel

Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream with Churro Pieces & Cinammnom

Gourmet Vanilla

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie pieces.

Black & Tan

Dark Coffee Ice Cream with rich Expresso Chocolate Chips.

Mint Cholcate Chip

Mint Ice Cream with Rich Chocolate Chips. 

Peanut Butter

Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanut Butter swirl.

NOTE: Nutritional Information and flavors are subject to change.


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